Developer description

YOUSTART.ME is an innovative startup exchange-market platform designed to speed up and facilitate investments in startups, while offering a quick and simple way to sell those investments on a secondary market, at a later stage.

YOUSTART.ME has developed a functioning beta version of a digital “equity-wallet” that enables equity transactions in a secure and transparent way.
The platform will provide ongoing user-based enterprise valuations and expert mentorship.

Problem: The marketplace for startup investments only appeals to large capital holders.
Fundraising is the single largest hurdle faced by most startups, often leading to insolvency, well before the enterprise has a chance to take shape. This is chiefly because startup investors are often shackled to the enterprise for years due to a lack of liquidity and because startup valuations are often less reliable than those of more established companies. These factors create an atmosphere that is historically inhospitable to investors who command small, or moderate amounts of capital.

Solution and Value proposition: A simple, secure and transparent platform to purchase and sell equity in startups that provides dynamic valuations and establishes a secondary market within a vibrant community of users.
Project evaluation takes place directly in our marketplace through a global survey made among investors, mentors and the general public.
Investments can be large, or as small as $25.

Last updated 5 Jan 2015

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