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Developer description

A well-known weather app YoWindow comes to iPad bringing along accurate weather forecasts enveloped in marvelous high-detail landscapes. A cute little cabin covered with sparkling snowflakes, night city lights with occasional thunder bolts striking over the dark sky, white clouds leisurely flying over the countryside… Every such landscape scrupulously simulates the season and the current weather outside – if it rains, it is rainy in YoWindow too; if the sun is shining, the program depicts the nice shiny day as well.

As the user swipes his finger across the screen, the weather YoWindow displays changes accordingly, showing weather forecast. Literally, YoWindow turns the iPad to a virtual window, actually even better than a real window!

YoWindow is great not only because of perfectly designed awesome looking Oriental, Seaside and Country landscapes, but also thanks to extremely accurate forecasts thanks to yr.no and NWS meteorological data providers.

YoWindow is an ideal background for iPad, especially with the Retina display. The enormous amount of details looks awesome on iPad’s screen turning the gadget to an eye-catching and precise whether station.

Last updated 10 Jun 2013