Developer description

YSplit is a new way to bill pay solution for roommates, friends and families. YSplit pays for your bills and charges everyone involved separately.

This means you are automatically being charged your share of the bills. This means the head of the house doesn't have to front house bills anymore then chase everyone to get paid back every month.

YSplit is also the first app to offer 2x points on every bill provider linked to our app. ConEdison will not give you points. Pay this bill through us and you will get 2x points making future bills cheaper.

You might be splitting house bills with roommates but also could be splitting subscriptions with friends or family i.e Netflix, HBO, TMobile. YSplit let's you create multiple groups to do just this.

Now all your bills are on autopilot, you are only paying your share and

Last updated 24 Apr 2020

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