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Published 8 Mar 2016

Now that the local newspaper has pretty much bitten the dust, it's hard work finding out all the activities that are going on in your local area. It's not so bad for adults because most of our extracurricular activities - whether they be movies, bands or outdoor events - are advertised reasonably heavily. Entertainment for kids, on the other hand, can be quite low-key with organizers often dependent on word of mouth to get people to come along.

Yuggler is a new iOS app for families and kids that aims to be the 'go-to' community for family friendly fun in and around the area where you live. This award winning mobile app - approved by the internationally respected Parent's Choice Foundation - lets you discover all the great kids activities that are going on in your current location or at the next place you go to. Within seconds, you can discover activities for kids of all ages, collaborate and share with friends and fellow users about the best places to visit, plan your next trip, save money by sourcing the best deals and - best of all - making sure everyone has heaps of fun.

The app came about out of necessity. Two brothers got together when they found the search for fun family friendly activities to be fractured because the information was all over the place. According to founder Thomas Bodenski, it was so difficult and time-consuming to find fresh ideas for kids’ activities that he could do with his son that...