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Published 8 Aug 2017

You know what it's like. You come home after a hard day at work and you have to think about cooking up something for dinner. There's not much in the cupboards or the fridge so it could be a toss up between heading to the supermarket or ordering in a takeaway. But hang on, there's some chicken in the fridge and there are a few vegetables left over from the weekend. If only those Masterchef people were around right now with their mystery boxes where they can make a stunning meal from a few ingredients. But, hang on. There's nothing to stop you knocking up something tasty from the ingredients that you have hanging around, is there? Well, apart from a little bit of inspiration maybe.

So, how can we change this situation and put a little more inspiration into our eating habits after a hard day at work? Well, there are heaps of great recipe apps available online. The only trouble with most of them is that it would take a trip to the shops to get all the ingredients needed. How about if I told you about an app where you could simply type in the ingredients that you have in your cupboard right now and come up with the inspiration needed to cook up a delicious meal?

Yumami is a comprehensive new cooking and recipes app that features over half a million recipes for your culinary pleasure. There are a million recipe apps online you say? So what makes this one different? Well, unlike many of the similar apps that are out there, Yumami lets you simply type in a keyword or a bunch of ingredients and you will be served up pages of delicious, personalised recommendations featuring the ingredients you have at your disposal. Alternatively, you can just browse through the database of hundreds of thousands of recipes to find something tasty to cook - whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Yumami is quick and easy to use and you'll have pages and pages of tasty recipes - all illustrated with photos - so you won't have to race to the shops to get the items that you need. They'll all be there in the cupboard just waiting for you to provide the recipe to cook up a storm. All you have to do is to pick your key ingredients and click on the amount of time that you are prepared to take in order to make the meal and Yumami will deliver recipes from the likes of Martha Stewart and Food Republic as well as a plethora of others culinary delights.

Judging by the conversations I've been having with friends recently I can see that there's a weird conundrum going on when it comes to our eating habits these days. We are surrounded and inspired by cooking shows on tv and there's little doubt that our standards have risen because of it. The only problem is, we are all so busy with work and family stuff that we don't really have the time to reach the heady heights of becoming gourmet cooks at home. We tend to have seven or eight 'go-to' dinners and rotate them over and over again. Frankly, that can get a little boring. Yumami provides that extra spark of inspiration to help you use the food you have at home right now so you can create many different and very delicious meals for you and your family. No more rushing to the supermarket after work or fretting over eating the same things over and over again. What's more, you'll save money by using the ingredients that you have on hand rather than going out and buying more. Yumami is the free recipe database for the busy lives that we have created for ourselves.

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