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Recipes for the food that you already have in your fridge

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Published 8 Aug 2017

[cont'd] is, we are all so busy with work and family stuff that we don't really have the time to reach the heady heights of becoming gourmet cooks at home. We tend to have seven or eight 'go-to' dinners and rotate them over and over again. Frankly, that can get a little boring. Yumami provides that extra spark of inspiration to help you use the food you have at home right now so you can create many different and very delicious meals for you and your family. No more rushing to the supermarket after work or fretting over eating the same things over and over again. What's more, you'll save money by using the ingredients that you have on hand rather than going out and buying more. Yumami is the free recipe database for the busy lives that we have created for ourselves.