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Published 28 Nov 2011

While there is a huge number of social networking related apps of all shapes and sizes I have to admit that I haven't seen one quite like Yumety before. It calls itself a social network for dreamers and you'll see why. Yumety encourages you to write down your wish or dream and connect with others who have similar desires to create opportunities and friendships the world over.

Maybe it’s time to try a different kind of social network and explore your mind and meet someone with similar aspirations to your own! Yumety is a social networking app that let's you unleash your dreams, wishes, desires (or even worries) and connect with some of the thousands of other dreamers and members. The main difference between Yumety and the other social networks is meaningful contact. When you post your wishes and dreams here it may encourage an empathetic meeting from someone who is going through or have gone through a similar situation to your own. This is precisely what Yumety is trying to achieve. When you drop your dream or daydream we will build a character graph for you and then find similar people. Then you can read their dreams and decide if you think they are similar and begin talking with them.

Yumety really is unlike any of the other social network. If Facebook has a problem that it's never really overcome it is the introduction of people you don't know into your inner circle of...