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All marketing initiatives have the same end goal; to increase sales.

YUPIQ is a Social Media marketing platform that was built to directly help with sales while fitting in with the culture of Social Media today. YUPIQ can help companies achieve this goal through Facebook, Twitter and Email by tapping into the power of Friend-to-friend recommendations.

YUPIQ promotions reward customers for getting their friends to watch videos, view links and use special offers. The sharing of this type of content is already common place on Social Media but with YUPIQ Social Media Promotions these conversations are amplified and accelerated.

A prime example of a YUPIQ promotion is when they were helping international Singer Songwriter, Jann Arden, launch her book Falling Backwards. The author gave away 10 autographed copies of her book to the first 10 people who got 10 friends to read the first chapter online.

This promotion saw an engagement rate of 25 times the average rate and required no Facebook ads to promote it. The community was eager to win quickly took the contest all over Twitter, Facebook and Email.

With YUPIQ a company can reward customers with prizes (like Jann or Arden) or entries into a sweepstakes when their friends watch videos, view links and use special offers. These types of promotions work in a wide variety of industries from Entertainment, to consumer goods to small business as long as there are engaged fans.

In less than 20 minutes a company can be encouraging their real fans to share content with real friends.

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Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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