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A smart little chat and messaging app that's full of great features

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Zangoo Chat : The Best Way To connect With the world
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Published 5 Sep 2015

It's okay, I can hear you shouting from the rooftops right now! Does the world really need yet another chat and messaging app? There are so many out there and all have different pluses and minuses but a chat app is a chat app, right? The fact is though that many of those apps were designed quite a few ears ago and many of them remain pretty much the same as they were when they were originally released. Needs have changed and different features have taken on a new relevance. So here I am to introduce to you a free chat and messaging app for both Android and iOS that has pretty much everything that you need. Apart from the obligatory one on one chat, Zangoo Chat delivers instant text messaging, video calls, voice calls, multimedia sharing and group chats in one neat and easy to use package.

Zangoo Chat is a great way to instantly connect via text and chat with old and new friends from all over the world. It features live texting where you can edit, modify and even delete your older messages and chat with multiple friends simultaneously by creating an unlimited amount of groups. You can use the voice or video calls option with unlimited free calls to other Zangoo users and enjoy video calls with to up to four members at a time. Share your media - including photos, videos, stickers and sound effects, - with friends and use the Zangoo Social feature to make...