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Developer description

Help Angry George zap all the pesky mosquitos in his house!
Angry George and Bunny Slippers Amy are out to zap the invading mosquitos. Play exterminator and help them swat those irritating bugs out of existence! Sure to keep you amused and entertained, this fast paced game will have you chasing buzzing mosquitos and powering up as you zap them!
Earn larger and more lethal weapons as your kill count increases. Receive tricks of the trade on Tuesday’s Tips, a weekly forum with fellow gamers on best mosquito zappin’ strategies. As you help Angry George and Bunny Slippers Amy swat those pests, your exterminator skills increase!
Features include:
- Power-ups including mosquito bombs and bigger bug rackets
- Tips and tricks every Tuesday from fellow players
- Premium upgrades include ability to move across the house and zap more bugs.

Last updated 14 Jul 2014