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Put a little pep into your messaging with combined talk, text and video

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Zapshot is a brand new social media in the works specializing in voice messaging and video ... More

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Published 6 Feb 2021

The pandemic has changed our lives so much over the last year or so. In a lot of cases, it's tied us to our homes and even isolated many of us, to a certain extent. As a consequence, we've turned more and more to social media to communicate with each other. WhatsApp, Tik Tok and Instagram have all had a good workout but people are now turning to other more interesting ways to get their message across and, for younger users at least, that passageway isn't Facebook Messenger. The kids, it seems, want something a bit more interesting than simple messaging. 

A number of new messaging apps have sprung up and each seems to have its own unique characteristics. The new kid on the block to start off 2021 is an iOS app called Zapshot. This bright and colorful new messaging app seems to be geared mostly at the younger market but could well appeal to a much wider audience if it catches on. So, what makes Zapshot so different from the others, you say? Well, this one bridges the gap between talking and texting on the phone by offering both at the same time. It also offers some pretty neat tricks when it comes to video creation. 

Zapshot is a brand new social media platform that specializes in both voice messaging and video creation. You can chat with your friends by speaking and recording messages as you would normally do but Zapshot automatically transcribes...