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Published 29 May 2016

[cont'd] assists in identifying the pages in the conversion funnel with high visitor drop-offs thus pointing out the red flags. In other words, it gives you greater insight into why people walk away from your site rather than interacting with it.

Zarget quite rightly believes that website conversion rate optimization is a cyclical process that needs constant analysis and attention. By combining the three elements of A / B testing, heatmaps and funnel analysis into one powerful piece of software, this web based app simplifies proceedings by reducing the dependence on using a complicated succession of tools to ensure a smooth and seamless optimization experience.

Zarget offers all in one website optimization to help you better understand and improve your website. It allows you to make data driven decisions rather than having to rely on your intuition to get the best out of your website. The app combines the power of the most important website optimization tools to provide a seamless service using one simple module. All reports are in real time and live so you can track data and get up to date analysis immediately after interactions occur. You can sign up now and try Zarget for 30 days for free.