Developer description

Zedity is an innovative editor that enables anyone to create stunning multimedia content.
With the Zedity WYSIWYG drag and drop "boxes", you can add text, images, videos, audio, etc. exactly how and where you want in your page, with unprecedented possibilities and flexibility. Top them with HTML5 and CSS3 effects and achieve impressive results that only skilled web developers could do.
Are you developing an HTML5 app? Zedity is available as a JavaScript Library to be integrated into your app easily and totally hassle-free.
Are you a WordPress user? The Zedity Plugin for WordPress is available to take your site or blog to the next level.
Zedity is completely HTML5 driven: with no external plugin (e.g. Flash, etc.) required, it is suitable for any modern computer, tablets or mobile device.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015