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As a MINDBODY approved partner, we bring you the most affordable branded native apps available. ... More

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Published 13 May 2013

It would be surprising to find out that a large company doesn't have an app attached to it these days. We have been told for the last two years that an online presence is essential in these internet crazy times. With the boom in smartphones hitting an all time high and people thirsting for new apps to put on them these large businesses have had a head start on smaller ones - primarily because of the cost factor but also because it was deemed to be hard work to put a native app together. ZeitConnect is a foot-in-the-door app creator for iOS and Android that enables small organizations or businesses to have an affordable app - with your brand name all over it - and makes it easier for your customers to find you, make contact and encourage them to spend.
As a Mindbody approved partner, ZeitConnect brings you the most affordable branded native applications available.This is especially effective for businesses that include things like class sign ups appointment bookings and can even handle online purchasing. It's a positive way to encourage traffic and increase your online presence and, hopefully, you will be able to  watch classes fill up when clients can easily check your schedule, purchase services, and sign-up on the go. ZeitConnect provides a slightly different app for iPhone and Android. The Android version offers a fairly basic app while the iPhone equivalent offers many advanced features. The app is geared specifically for places like Yoga and massage studios and hairdressers, barbers and fitness and gymnasiums - in fact, it is perfect for any small business that requires appointments and bookings. It offers unlimited customizable widgets including ones you can use for scheduling, appointments and enrollments as well as specific Facebook widgets. Pricing is straightforward and a affordable with a sign up cost and a monthly fee delivering everything you need on a simple native app.
ZeitConnect is a simple and no-nonsense way of providing an app for your business without all the fuss, bother and cost of doing the whole thing yourself. It is ideal for appointment based businesses and provides an easy way for your customers to contact you and keep in touch and interact with you all from their mobile phone. There is little doubt that if your customers have access to you directly from your phone you can keep them informed with push notifications as well as giving them a simple way of booking (or cancelling) appointments. Right now, there is a half price deal on the sign up fee and there's a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't impressed. There's a free downloadable demo app if you want to try it out.

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