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Accounts receivable without having to send the boys around

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ZenCash is a web application that helps small businesses and freelancers get paid on time. We do ... More

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Published 15 May 2012

What do you do when a customer hasn't paid the invoice and it's 90 days past due? Get on the phone? Send another letter? Send the boys in? ZenCash is a payment accounting application designed for small businesses that covers all your accounting processes from the original invoice right through to the rather painful 90 day last resort call in order to get the invoice paid.
The idea for ZenCash originated when founder and CEO Brandon Cotter, a six-time serial entrepreneur, once found himself unable to make payroll at his small business due to unpaid invoices. He spent hours calling customers and even hired couriers to collect money in-person from late-paying clients. It worked, but Brandon saw an opportunity to streamline and make the process more efficient. Years later, this was the seed that led him to found ZenCash - a web application that helps small businesses and freelancers get paid on time. They do this by automating the entire accounts receivable process from the day the invoice is sent to the day it gets paid. This includes automated bill reminders and, for positive reinforcement, personalized thank you notes you can send when your customers do pay. You can also send default accounts to collections straight from the app. Think of it as drip marketing for all your unpaid invoices. With ZenCash, your businesses can now focus on the actual work instead of chasing invoices and worrying whether or not they will be paid. It works by syncing...