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Zenkau is a cutting-edge comparison shopping site. It lets you find products you want at the ... More

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Published 23 Sep 2011

Zenkau's philosophy is simple. Their mission is to simplify the shopping experience. Zenkau is an online deal shopping tool that let's you find the products you want at the lowest possible prices online no matter whether you are buying globally or locally. With our lives becoming busier and busier and our hard earned dollars being stretched to the limit it's becoming more and more important to get the best deals that are out there.
Zenkau is a cutting-edge comparison shopping site. It lets you find products you want at the lowest price across both online and local 'High Street' retailers. Prices and availability are updated in real time, so whether you buy online or local, you can make the best decision. You can even wait until the item you want comes in at a better price if you like. Just add the item to your wishlist and let Zenkau know how much you want to pay. When the price drops, you get an email and save money. So whether you are after those fake leopardskin undies you 've always wanted or just a CD you can shop with confidence that Zenkau will find you the best deal going. It's incredibly simple to use" all you really need to do is sign up for your free account, enter the item you are looking for and your zip code and the rest is taken care of.

Simple, simple, simple...that's what we want to hear. Many people love to shop...I hate it. Anything that simplifies the shopping experience is good for me. And if I can be organized and get it for the best possible price available then what's not to like. If you like me, have a million things on your plate, Zenkau is a simple, easy to use and free shopping deal tool that can make that trip to the shops a thing of the past.

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