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Zenound Music is a new service to help you better organize, listen to, discover, and share ... More

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Published 23 Aug 2012

After seeing literally heaps of music apps being unleashed on the market over the last year or so, things have gone rather quiet since the Spotify juggernaut came rolling into town. Zenound Music is a nicely relaxed mp3 streaming application that gives you plenty of room to stretch out, better organize and listen to your music collection and discover new stuff while letting you share your favorite music with your social friends.
With the demise of the record store there has been a bit of a gulf in getting music across to the rest of the general public. As with most things in this digital world, the way we listen to and hear about new music has taken a radical change of late and one has had to search out new ways of discovering new stuff - especially if your taste runs a little left of center. So...gone are the record stores with the nice guy behind the counter who was always happy to recommend a few interesting new releases. Gone are most of the TV shows (apart from the highly commercial MTV service, of course) where you used to be able to catch up on new releases that didn't feature Kanye or Beyonce. What I'm saying here is you are going to have to work harder and is cover new ways of hearing new stuff - not to mention some great old stuff. That is where a music app like Zenound comes in handy. This new service...