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Published 26 May 2014

We hear a lot of talk about websites like Facebook not taking our privacy seriously enough these days. The fact is, you really have to take things into your own hands if you want to protect yourself online. I guess the golden rules are...don't post stuff that you don't want others to see and always check your settings on a regular basis. The fact is, George Orwell was right - Big Brother is watching us. Whether they are taking notice of what we are doing is another matter but, given the Edward Snowden and NSA revelations of the last year or so, theres no doubt. What's more, depending on where you live, there are certain web-resources that are Government-filtered to prevent viewing. As a consequence, many are turning to Virtual Private Networks or VPN's to 'bypass' the regular channels. ZenVPN is a personal VPN application that protects anonymity, makes available all web-resources and gives access to regional restricted services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and BitTorrent.
In a nutshell, ZenVPN is a simple, fast and personal VPN application that uses the newest technology to make your Internet access totally safe and secure. It eliminates all blocks, threats and nervousness by giving you a new anonymous identity. It does this by hiding your real location and using industry standard encryption on all your traffic to ensure that it cannot be intercepted at the access point or at ISP level. Non only will your ISP or network operator not be able to see or filter your web activities - your Government won't be able to see them either.  ZenVPN let's you bypass government-mandated filtering and get access to all the web resources you need, let's you use BitTorrent without restrictions, gives access to regional restricted services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer and protects you when you are connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Nothing makes it easier to steal your passwords or credit card numbers - or infect your computer with malware - than an unprotected Wi-Fi connection. With ZenVPN, your traffic travels through the air encrypted and cannot be read or altered by a local attacker. Equally, you might need to access a site that only accepts users from specific countries. With ZenVPN you can appear to be located in any of the multiple countries that have servers so that you can access Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu etc. Unlike many ISP's and VPN providers, it also doesn't block or degrade your BitTorrent connections so you can leech and seed all you want within your traffic plan. While the app is completely legal, it is important to remember that using a VPN doesn't exempt you from abiding with your country's laws.
ZenVPN is a fast and very affordable VPN app that offers privacy and online anonymity with strong encryption, no logs or long forms and zero configuration. It gives you uncensored and secure Internet access and bypasses website blocks while protecting your own privacy. For as little as three bucks a week, it's among the cheapest VPN services available and delivers excellent and fast connection quality thanks to their globally distributed network and dynamic bandwidth allocation. To add to your security, the app neither inspects your online activities or keeps anything on record. So, now there is no such thing as a "blocked website" anymore. Thanks to ZenVPN, Big Brother can go stick his idea of what you should and shouldn't see where the sun don't shine.

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