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Zeqr is a new global knowledge sharing marketplace that connects like-minded people who seek to ... More

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Published 5 Jul 2017

The thirst for knowledge is something that will never disappear. More and more people around the world are attending universities and colleges at the completion of their school year and every country seems to want to be called the innovation nation. However, with the cost of education going up and up, it's not always possible for everyone to take advantage of the teaching facilities that are out there especially as some just want to refine their skills on a single subject. Get a book and learn, some might say. However, there's nothing quite like a one-on-one session with an expert that really knows their field of expertise. It's the most effective way to transmit and ingest knowledge. 

Zeqr (it rhymes with 'seeker') is a new online global knowledge-sharing marketplace that connects experts with those of us who wish to become better informed. This marketplace allows people from all over the world to be coached, consulted, mentored or taught in real time via built-in voice, live one-on-one interactive video sessions and screen sharing. Experts effectively sell their vast knowledge by offering online and personalized classes based on their expertise at an hourly rate based on class length and the number of participants.

Students, or Zeqrs as they are known, can easily search and find experts, classes, schedules and rates that best fit their individual needs and increase their knowledge on a myriad of subjects. Classes can be browsed or searched in categories as diverse as beauty, academics, internet...