Developer description

Zero Dean mobile provides free, streamlined, ad-free access to all-original content by motivational writer, artist, humorist, and photographer, Zero Dean.

Content includes:

Zerosophy: Original written works, art & photos to motivate, encourage, challenge & inspire.

Zero Talking: Humor & awkward moments based on weird thoughts and real-life experiences often presented in webcomic format.

Zerography: Art & landscape, nature, portraits, and model photography.

Keep up with Zero's social media feeds (including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) easily within the app.

App users also gain access to exclusive content, including two podcasts. The first podcast offers interesting, anything-goes conversations and interviews. The second is geared towards Zerosophy (personal development) and includes audio readings of Zero's work and discussions about the topics he writes about.

Last updated 17 Sep 2015

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