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Published 27 Oct 2011

This looked so easy even I thought I’d give it a go and low and behold I now have a Zerply profile out there for all to see!

If this spreads, and it really should, then it will be a great addition to those social network sites that have a commercial leaning. It might even overtake a few given that it does what most people want of a professional network i.e. the ability to search for possible useful contacts (and vice versa) without having them thrown at you.

There is also a refreshing lack of ads but I suppose that might change.

Anyway setting up your profile is a walk in the park and you can add a short bio, a photograph and add up to 5 tags highlighting what your abilities are. If you really want you can crib your CV and list all of your experiences to date.  You can also add a website address and choose whether or not to spread it all over Facebook and Twitter.

There is a choice of background styles for your profile and as a politically balanced writer I chose to avoid the one labelled "Conservative"! They all look good and project a very clear image.

One thing I would say is that from the sites home page it was not possible to do any searches despite following instructions. All I got was a ˈresults loadingˈ message that never seemed to end. From my profile page however I...