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Published 1 Oct 2011

The phrase “cash back” is always a great eye catcher and in these tough financial times is probably the first tag line on most marketing advisors lips.

Sign up to Zestii and you basically join a club that has a list of member stores, or partners as they’re referred to, where you can get cash back if you make a purchase via the site. With over 200 partners ranging from Bloomingdales to Nautica, most shopping needs are well catered for.

Searching the site is a breeze and can be done by specific store name or on a more general needs basis. By typing in ˈevening wearˈ for example the site will throw up all the partners in that category along with the rate of cash back offered.

The deals differ from store to store. The likes of Bloomingdales and Macys currently offer 2.1% whilst Nautica and Nordstrom are slightly higher at 3.5%. At the top end of the scale Baby Bunch offers a not too insignificant 12.6%.

The rewards earned are recorded on your Zestii account a few days after a purchase is made and they can be redeemed for cash or money off coupons. Members can cash in at any time and payment will be made via PayPal. You can earn extra money by inviting friends to join. Any purchase they make through the site will get you 10% of whatever their reward amounted to.

The service is free and so you may wonder how Zestii makes ends meet. Quite simply it receives a commission of 20% of all cash back rewards from the stores. And if you should ever forget to use Zestii for an online purchase they have come up with a downloadable toolbar that kicks in should you bypass the site and log in to a partner store independently. A quick reminder will soon have you heading back to Zestii.

Whilst primarily being a cash back service users should bear in mind that by the pure nature of what they do, Zestii is a collector of a huge amount of shopper data. This will be used to suggest possible alternative stores to you based on your shopping habits. According to the site this data is never shared with other organizations and so spam email from countless shoe shops should be avoided.

For anyone that does a lot of shopping online it makes perfect sense to go via a website that’s going to get you a discount, especially as the service is free. Having said that a cynic might want to check a stores own site occasionally just to make sure the prices offered to Zestii members aren’t marked up to cover the cash back.

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