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Editor's review

Published 6 Feb 2016

Dont worry, Zhong TV is not a homage to U2 or Coldplay. In actual fact, it's a huge app for iOS that delivers a plethora of Chinese movies and TV series. It gathers together all the latest Chinese entertainment feeds from Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and presents them for you in one place on your iPhone or iPad for no cost.

Zhong TV is based in Shanghai, China and is that country's first ever multi-faceted hip hop, r&b and pop entertainment channel. It creates original content as well as delivering a vast amount of archived Chinese entertainment covers everything from videos, photos and news to reviews.  They are legendary in China for their Youku.com (Chinese YouTube) platform, which has around 20 million views as well as their Weibo.com (Chinese Twitter) account that has over 100,000 users.

They also create digital and video campaigns for brands that are targeted at the Chinese urban youth movement. In the past, they've worked with brands as prestigious as WESC, Beats by Dre, Oakley, Nixon, Vans, Jordan Brand, Marshall Headphones and Urbanears.

The app features all the latest updates on Chinese movies as well as those fantastically popular Chinese soapies that are so addictive. It also features feeds from all the top social network sites. These include all the recent releases, videos, star interviews, and entertainment news. Visually, it's quite a simple lay out with an easy to navigate interface. Scroll through to see a vast amount of photos, videos and news. While many of the descriptions are in the Chinese language, there are also many in English.

To be quite honest, many of us in the West used to consider Chinese content to be rather tacky and 'cheesy' but, over the last few years, theres little doubt it has really taken the great leap forward in terms of quality. Zhong TV shows this off to great effect and lives up to its mission statement to 'bring the West to the East and vice versa.' This app brings together the very best of Chinese entertainment and delivers it to a global audience in one iOS package for free.

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