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Zillabyte Gives Small Developers a Leg-Up in Big Data Analysis Game

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Published 25 Sep 2014



Zillabyte takes care of things like data acquisition, algorithm implementation, and resource management, so that users don’t have to. A pre-programmed bloc of datasets includes a crawled copy of the Internet – over 55 million URLs – allowing users to focus on honing inquiries rather than programming functions, and users can analyze their personal data sets as well.


In addition, Zillabyte has a bank of data mining algorithms at users’ disposal to build on other users’ contributions to geocoding, web scraping and fraud analysis, among many others.


“We’ve put a lot of time in making our scripting language approachable by anyone who knows Ruby, Python, or JavaScript,” says Quist. “We put in all the frustrating backend work so that businesses are left with a crisp, intuitive experience with all of the functionality they could possibly want and none of the headache.”


The possibilities are endless. With a platform that provides ‘distributed computing on demand,’ and an open platform that translates high-powered algorithms into intelligible tools, Zillabyte is poised to change the way we look at data.


“Users only pay for the resources they consume,” says Quist. “But the offering is in fact much ampler than that. You’re getting all the data and high-end apps we’ve already integrated into the platform, but more importantly, you’re getting the ability to make your own searches and build your own algorithms. We’ve opened our coding language so businesses can build functions against the...