Developer description

Zimdesk has everything you would want from a regular desktop PC.
The BIG difference is that zimdesk runs from a browser, allowing you to access all the applications, Games and accessories from any PC anywhere in the world.

Web-based operating system: Adjust colors, fonts, and even create your own skins. Zimdesk allows you to personalise the desktop in the any way you want.
Complete range of office apps: Word processing, spreadsheet, database email and PIM. Whatever your office needs zimdesk aims to offer the widest range of FREE productivity apps avilable anywhere.
POP3 email, voice, IM and Video: FREE POP3 email account accessable from anywhere in the world use our VOIP and IM tools to chat with anyone, you can even use your webcam through zimdesk.
Games, media player, Radio, TV: Zimdesk allows you to do lots of fun things like. Play online games, watch TV, listen to your favourite omline radio stations. You can even upload your own MP3 or video clips and watch or listen online.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010

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