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Editor's review

Published 10 Nov 2011

They say variety is the spice of life and this site sure has plenty of that. Far more in fact than a review of this size can do proper justice to but hopefully what it will do is give you a clearer idea of just what is available within.

As the name suggests money is the subject here and more to the point borrowing and lending it. There are plenty of sites out there that offer some of the components available here but generally only on a single product basis. With ZimpleMoney you can arrange loans such as family & friend, non-profit & micro loans and even real estate and small business start- up loans.

Not only can you arrange them but you can have them managed professionally as well. For the ordinary guy in the street arranging a family & friend loan the procedure is fuss free. With a loan calculator available and loan documentation part of the deal it’s possible to get everything together in a professional manner before putting it front of possible lenders. The same applies for anyone setting up a small business and looking for some help along the way.

Once a loan is in place the system will manage it and split monthly repayments between any number of lenders with notifications sent to all parties.

On top of the loan functions available this site can help anyone with payment and collection requirements across a very diverse range of activities. Whether you run a church, club or association or perhaps you’re a landlord with rent to collect there will be a platform for you with ZimpleMoney.

The site isn’t just about providing individuals with the ability to borrow or collect money and another aim is to get organizations to license the software enabling them to offer services to their customers. In this respect products for auto loans and real estate transactions are included in the box of tricks.

This site really does seem to have a solution to all things relating to lending, borrowing and collecting. I can only suggest you have a look if you have a need for any of these as there is a great deal of helpful information on there that’s accessible without any need to sign up.

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