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Published 16 May 2013

[cont'd] viewable app-to-app. Friends and family with the ZipaClip app can view messages you send them, but they can’t forward your messages or save them to their own device. The entire process of sharing video is completely encrypted and videos are safely stored to the cloud. The ZipaClip application can be locked with a personal dot-lock code so all videos and text messages remain private - even if your device is lost or stolen. The sender can also “ZipBack” their videos or texts at any time, ensuring that they can no longer be viewed. Additional premium features are available for sharing longer videos and securely storing them through ZipaClip’s encrypted cloud-base.
It's fascinating that much of the interest in this messaging app has been with wedding planners. Many have shown interest because of the secrecy that can be involved in sharing dress ideas, contemplating the invite list, not to mention sharing the events of the last night's stag party. But there are, of course, many other occasions when a totally secure video or text message is essential. Some sensitive videos would be a disaster for the sender if it were to go viral or turn up on YouTube. It also has a greatlittle feature where you can recall your message if you change your mind. If only this service was around when US politician Anthony Weiner had his famous fall from grace a few years back. ZipaClip is an easy-to-use and handsome looking free app for iPhone...