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Published 15 Dec 2011

I have to say when I first happened upon this one I had one immediate thought; since when has grocery shopping been a whole family event? I’m kind of glad I looked a bit deeper into it though because it does have some great features that go beyond just sharing a shopping list with the rest of your hungry crew. Sad that I am to admit it I’m a guy who not only enjoys cooking but also enjoys cruising the aisles of grocery stores poking and squeezing and smelling things. This app will help you indulge in both of those activities and might even widen your gastronomic repertoire.

Sure, you can make out a weekly grocery list and dispense with that tatty piece of paper that has additions and deletions scratched all over it but its collaborative nature can also help too. You can share it with the family, and the fact that it has mobile phone capability, if one of them happens to be passing the store and is aware of something urgently needed they can stop by and get it.

The list function is comprehensive and regularly bought items can be set to repeat. You can add comments to an item such as whether or not you have a coupon for it or if there are any offers attached to it. The site will also monitor your regular items and share available coupons with you.

With the shopping covered all you have left to do is plan your weekly meals and Ziplist can help with that too. It has an extensive recipe database that you can pull into your own box and with it comes the capability to add the necessary ingredients to your shopping list. Get this, it will even make suggestions for things you may already have in your store cupboard. You can also pull in recipes from all over the web and give them the same treatment.

As an aid to all things on the home economics front I think it’s a great idea.


This one has a lot more functionality than I’ve been able to squeeze in here so if grocery shopping and cooking are really taking up too much of your time I strongly suggest you have a good look at it.  

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