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ZipRecruiter is an innovative web-based platform that makes job posting faster, easier, and ... More

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Published 19 Mar 2012

Assuming you have a job posting to offer it makes sense to get the position out to as many of the right people that you possibly can. Zip Recruiter is a business tool to ensure that the job you have to offer reaches out to those people via twenty five of the top job boards and social networks. What's more, it does it faster, easier and cheaper than ever before and does it all from one single submission.
ZipRecruiter is an innovative web-based platform that makes job posting faster, easier, and cheaper than ever before. ZipRecruiter distributes your job listings to twenty five of the web’s leading job boards and social networks and a potential 30 million job seekers with a single submission and manages to organize all the applicants into one location. Recruiting teams screen, rate and comment on applicants from a single account, providing you with efficient, eco-friendly and effortless organization. ZipRecruiter makes it easy to create a professional web presence in less than 10 minutes and you can search the database of fresh resumes to find the right candidate immediately. Easily toggle between applicant answers and their resume online and communicate directly with them.  The site is extremely progressive in it's design, very user-friendly, intuitive, quick and downright fun to play around with. One of it's most interesting features is the candidate screening where the best candidates literally leap out at you saving you time and money.
What you are trying to achieve when advertising a new job position is the right person for the job and ZipRecruiter gives you as good a chance as any of achieving that. It literally puts the job in front of a potential audience of millions of candidates. That may, in itself, be a daunting prospect but Zip Recruiter simplifies the process with it's intuitive technology that weeds out unsuitable job seekers fast and delivers all the information that you need in one simple online interface. By providing this central location it makes it easier to make better hiring decisions and a cost effective way of getting your position filled with the right candidate.

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