Developer description

Ziteboard is a zoomable whiteboard with easy real-time collaboration on any desktop or mobile device. With Ziteboard you have infinite space to work on with your team in real time. This combination of existing services in a single product is only available through our technology.
Use our simple visual tool for meetings, daily presentations, online lectures, mind mapping, video conferences, visual teamwork, online collaboration. Draw, zoom, edit, import pictures, data, charts, use backgrounds and export a vector canvas for all formats of printing, presentation and for your convenience.
Consultants, designers, project managers, teachers, web and app developers, mobile developers, content creators, agencies, marketers, public speakers, strategists use Ziteboard’s infinite canvas to draw and discuss daily, brainstorm, strategize, see the big picture for more effective and shorter meetings, better presentations, faster learning sessions.
Customer feedbacks state it’s quality in complementing both PowerPoint and Prezi presentations.

Last updated 14 Jan 2015

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