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Published 16 Nov 2012

Zitima is a digital software creation application that allows you to take your content - whether it be newspapers and books or catalogs and journals - and convert the into rich digital editions. That means that finally there is a simple and easy way for you to communicate with  your audience and reach millions of iOS and Android users worldwide. It also gives you more tools to add photos, videos and even an ecommerce platform to monetize your site.
Zitima is a publishing application that provides the robust and technology innovative platform to start converting your magazines, newspapers, books, journals, blogs and catalogues (and anything else you want if it comes to that) into fully fledged rich digital editions. With the boom in mobiles and tablets unlikely to slow down in the next few years Zitima helps you communicate with your mobile audience and reach millions of people worldwide. It takes your content global. The  platform also provides many value added features to enhance digital publications  like slide shows, video galleries, a 360 degree show case and even embed an  ecommerce platform within your publication. Zitima also offers various custom software development options from smart customization of pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development. It delivers cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements and offers customized solutions to help reduce your working overheads. There are no upfront investments nor anything to install. Pay as you go with this online digital publishing tool that allows you to add video, audio, picture gallery, external hotlinks and internal page links to publications, all hosted and delivered to desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.
I don't think anyone would deny that the digital age is upon us and isn't going away anywhere soon. Zitima is a HTML5 browser app that takes your publications into the future - or the present, as it is now known. There are people out there wanting to read your content and this publishing tool is a great way of reaching a global audience of potentially millions of viewers. Zitima features a heap of great features to augment and digitalize your previously printed content and put it into the mobiles of the world via rich, digital editions. If you've been thinking about taking your publication into the 21st Century then Zitima is a great and easy place to start.

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