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Published 20 Apr 2016

The emphasis has gone off of printed photos over the last few years. We have tended to keep our photos stashed away on our phones, our computers and in the cloud these days - more for convenience than anything else. However, I went around to a friend's place the other day and they brought out their paper photo collection and I can only describe it as pure delight. To feel those photos in my hand and in their glorious colors was something I had almost forgotten about.

The way it used to work was that you'd take your photo chip down to the local photo store and leave it there while they printed out your photographic masterpieces. If you paid a little bit more, you could pick them up the next day. Then those funky little machines were introduced where you could go in and print your own. These days, to be quite honest, it's easier to do it all online. Znapify takes that concept to the nth degree by providing an excellent and very convenient way of ordering printed photos - whether they be yours or ones that are publicly shared - directly from your mobile phone.

Znapify revolutionises the way we currently order prints by giving you the option to bring yours or others’ captured moments to life in the most refined, matte prints. From sorting and printing images, to sharing and printing albums, this iOS app allows you to collect and print endless web content as well...