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Crush them all with a metal ball

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Zombie Ball FREE! is a new, free version of the original Zombie Ball, an iPhone action game ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2011

Brains! I must have more brains! That's the cry from the movie zombie. Balls! That's the cry from the zombies of Zombie Ball. This social game tool for your iPhone is a free version of the classic action game. This addictive game puts you in control of a giant metal ball and enables you to squish the invading zombies who are trying to take over the small  neighborhood.
Zombie Ball  is a new free iPhone version of the original action game Zombie Ball. The game puts player in control of a giant metal ball which is the latest invention from the crazy professor’s garage. They are on a mission to rescue a small suburban neighborhood from the clutches of zombie invasion by squishing them all!  Zombie Ball features a unique gameplay style where players control the ball movement by tilting their device and must roll over waves of zombies before they break into their neighbors’ houses and eat their brains. Zombie Ball! has all of the gameplay elements of the original game and introduces the in-game store where players can choose from an arsenal of powerful gadgets and wacky skins to equip their zombie-squishing balls. Unlocking gadgets and skins requires supplies which can be taken from zombies during gameplay or purchased via In-App Purchases.

Zombie Ball is a fun game for your iPhone that could be the next Angry Birds. This simple Labyrinth style game offers a different gameplay to most these days...