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What would the world look like if there lived only zombies? How would your friends, family and ... More

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Published 3 Nov 2012

I don't know why people freak out so much about zombies. I mean, they move so slowly that it would be quite easy to just sidestep them and then whack them through the head as they squeal for "brains...more brains" wouldn't it? The success of TV shows like "The Walking Dead" has put zombies firmly in the spotlight again though many of us grew up on movies like George Romero's "Night Of The Living Dead" so we know what it takes to defeat those flesh-eating monsters. So, what do you think you or your friends would look like if they were bitten by one and evolved into a zombie brain eater? Zombie Detector is an iOS photo application where you can snap a photo of your friends and then photo warp them into evil flesh eaters.
What would the world look like if everybody was a zombie? Now, if you have ever traveled on the London Underground at peak hour in the morning you might think that many have already succumbed. But i wonder how you or your friends and family would look if you had been infected? While some people in the world can hide behind the mask of ordinary people Zombie Detector lets you rip off the mask and discover their true faces. This fun and entertaining photo app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch lets you use the camera on your iDevice to snap a picture of your friend (or yourself) and...