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Developer description

"This is the best special effects app! The Zombie stays in one place even if you move your camera. *****Five stars!”

Become the star of your own ZOMBIE MOVIE! The world's first Augmented Reality movie editor is here!

Create amazing movies whilst your and your friends kill Zombies with GUNS, ROCKETS and FLAME THROWERS or let the zombies eat your FRIENDS! All whilst creating your own ZOMBIE MOVIE!

Showcase your Zombie Movies to the Pocket Director Community or share directly to Youtube and Facebook.

Make your movies with hi-res, photo-realistic 3D Zombies and Hollywood visual effects that you and your friends control! Tap to shoot a gun or fire a rocket at your real augmented, demented Zombie!

Choose from 3 different Zombies, lots of exciting Zombie actions and make movies with your friends.


• First of its kind - Augmented Reality Video Editor
• 3 x Photo-Realistic 3D Zombies (ZOMBIE Matt, ZOMBIE Liz and ZOMBIE Cat!)
• Upload directly to YOUTUBE or Share to FACEBOOK and TWITTER
* real-time light matching, sound effects and much more.
• Explore Top ZOMBIE MOVIES from people around the world.
• 45 Motion-Capture animated shots to choose from
and so much more

** - Requires at least iPhone 5, iPad 4 or newer. **

ZOMBIE FX by Pocket Director has been optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad 4th Gen/Mini and upwards.
iPhone 4s and iPad 3 users may experience slow performance.

"A Zombies for life (and death), not just Halloween”

Last updated 6 Aug 2015