Developer description

Zoobe Cam Eve is an easy way to share your fun with friends and family: Take a photo, speak your comment, and a cute fully-animated character will deliver a video message for you.
Eve is the new ambassador of personal messages in entertaining 3D animation movies.
Eve is able to express her feelings in several ways depending on the message’s content. The user alone decides which emotional state fits best to this message – same goes for the pictures, which add an extra emotional touch to the lip synchronized Zoobe Cam messages.
You can pick images from your own gallery or make new ones directly with Zoobe Cam, after finishing the first steps, the app combines all those elements to a 3D animation movie, which you can share with your friends via e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
PS: Limited Promotion: Download Zoobe Cam Eve for free – only until 07.01.2013.

Last updated 19 Dec 2012