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Published 29 Sep 2015

[cont'd] your own background behind it. Point it at your couch and you'll see a 3D giraffe wandering about in your home in real time, making giraffe noises. Point it at your gymnasium at school and you'll see a seemingly full size realistic elephant roaming amongst the equipment. Click on it to make it roar or add some incredibly realistic weather conditions to the scene. Click it again to see interesting facts about the given animal. Circle the animal and you'll see it from every conceivable angle in beautiful detail. Take a photo or a video and the scene is captured forever.

While Zookazam is a minboggling app that all ages will love, it will be of best use as a teaching aide for young children. Imagine showing your kids a beautifully rendered real looking hippo or a dinosaur wandering around the classroom in 3D. It would be very easy to present your photos through an app like Educreations and create a whole lesson around them. You can even have your kids in the photos too...next to the T Rex and with rain falling over their heads.

I love Zookazam. Its possibilities are endless and the technology is quite brilliant. The animals and bugs look incredibly realistic and you can even have some of the bugs flying around the room or appearing to crawl over your hand. There's even a perfect shadow that works in conjunction with your creature's astonishing movements. Amazingly enough...