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Published 1 Sep 2013

Gone are the days when we dutifully took our roll of film from our Kodak camera to the photo processing lab, waited for a week or so and then paid twenty bucks for a bunch of paper photographic memories to show friends and family. The introduction of the digital camera has changed all that. These days we've got to the position where we can crop and re-color our own photos, put borders on them and even have them up online for everyone to see in seconds if we want to. So, what's next? Well, Zoomdeck is a new photo  application  for iPhone that adds a completely new aspect to the experience by adding both social and interactive elements to 'spot' your images with comments, music, links and anything else you want to illustrate them with.
Zoomdeck is a engaging, totally addictive and beautiful new experience for photos where you can discover an endless stream of interactive photos as well as the stories behind them. When you find something that you like in a photo, the app lets you 'spot' anything within and 'illustrate' it with social comments, notes, audio, video, places, people or any other relevant information. This also  includes  links to Facebook and Twitter. Let's say, for example, that you snap a photo while on the streets of San Francisco and you want to highlight the restaurant where you just ate a great meal or maybe you see a great piece of a graffiti on a wall that you want to share. Or how about if you catch a glimpse of that beautiful '65 Mustang that you always wanted to own. You can  'spot' your photos with a YouTube clip, a Wiki link, Soundcloud, link it to Amazon or even add your own interactive notes. Your friends can then add their own responses to create a truly social experience. You can even use it as a way of finding out about a particular place. Maybe you want to find out the history behind a place like Lefty O'Doul's restaurant in San Fran. Just ask a question in the photo and leave the rest to the Zoomdeck community to come up with the best answers and opinions. You can warp your photos using beautiful filters to personalize them, share them with the community and explore amazing stories and all the elements behind them. You can even have a conversation with the community about them. Zoomdeck lets you explore amazing and beautiful photos across a wide variety of categories including travel, fashion, design, food, arts and  interiors etc or simply search for things inside photos.
There's no doubt that there is more than a little Instagram and Pinterest about Zoomdeck but it does also manages to add something a little extra to the photo concept. The thing is, it's not just about the photos per se. This nice looking and easy to use photo application adds a social element as well as an interactive one to actively encourage involvement from the Zoomdeck community. Its object is to inform as well as delight and there is no doubt that it offers something slightly different than both of those social networks. Here you can add cool music to your photos and release the inspirational story that may be behind them. Once you get to know Zoomdeck you will realize that this free photo app is truly fun, engaging and addictive. It could be the next big thing.

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