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Published 27 Feb 2014

Judging from my Facebook page, I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that most people like to share photos. And, judging by the squillions of dollars that games like Candy Crush Saga and Hungry Birds have made for their developers, it seems as if there's a lot of folks out there that just love to play games online. So, how about if we mix the two? ZoomIt! is a unique free iOS game that manages to blend photo sharing with the game concept in a fun and entertaining way. 
ZoomIt! is a new, free, customized photo guessing game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that manages to put your photos into a game in a very entertaining and social way. Simply take a photo of any object in the usual way, zoom in on a specific point in the photo and send your competitors this much smaller and rather mysterious picture to see if they can guess what it is. Your photo can be anything you like - maybe a photo of a favorite place or a portrait of a friend - pretty much anything, as long as it is easily recognizable at full size. The idea is to zoom in on a specific point in the photo - making it almost unrecognizable - and this is the photo you can send to your competitors to get them to see if they can guess who or what it is. If they fail to identify what the photo is, the picture automatically zooms out step-by-step to make the task progressively easier. Those who take and send a photo are rewarded when competitors have trouble guessing their object, while those who guess are rewarded by correctly guessing an object that has a high “zoomfactor” (i.e. has not been enlarged). The app also offers an array of special features including multiple game modes, interactive chat and push notifications as well as the option to challenge your social media friends.
I've played ZoomIt! a few times now and it certainly is an addictive game. I particularly enjoyed the multiple game option which is perfect for playing while getting on with other stuff because you can guess them at your own pace. You can challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter or battle new and old foes on the app itself. What's more, you can save and re-use your best photos and use them in other photo battles against different friends. The interactive chat adds another interesting element as you can give friends clues or simple show them derision if they can't guess what you are showing them. While it is one of the simplest game concepts imaginable, ZoomIt! is a delightfully challenging game that could well turn out to be one of the hits of the year.

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