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With zubibu you can create mobile version of your shops in few simple steps. Its simple SaaS ... More

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Published 21 Jun 2012

It's becoming increasingly obvious that a mobile version of your shop is becoming more and more essential for the savvy businessperson. With people turning away from conventional Main Street retail shopping it makes total sense to provide a way your customers can still purchase your goodies safely and securely without having to take the number 47 bus to your door. zubibu is an easy to use and cost effective ecommerce application for your mobile that provides everything you need to launch your mobile shop in just a few minutes.
If you are looking to establish an online shop or simply increase your sales then zubibu is a good place to start. This shopping app with a built in shopping cart means that you can create a mobile version of your shops and do it in a few simple steps. Its a simple on demand software as a service solution for ecommerce that creates an easy to set up do it yourself mobile shop that looks good and works well on any smartphone. Zubibu.com makes the online shop mobile-friendly and very easy for customers to browse, navigate, select and purchase from any smartphones.  Zubibu is a one-stop turnkey mobile solution. It allows you to immediately set up a browser-based mobile version of your online shop on a number of mobile devices. Additionally, it gives you the possibility to launch native m-commerce applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad which are available to customers via the Apple App Store. Zubibu supports 25 languages, including Spanish, Russian and Chinese
On latest figures mobile phone sales now account for close to 10% of sales in the UK and US and it's only going to get bigger. You only need to look and see the empty shops in your local shopping street to realize that. So it is vitally important to make your goods available to customers worldwide and, with the advertising factor of Facebook thrown in, those opportunities are beckoning for the online shopping entrepreneur. zubibu provides an easy to use, cost effective way of getting your goods into your customer's homes worldwide with everything you need supplied...except for your entrepreneurial spirit.

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