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Unwanted Christmas presents? Sell them here!

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Zuujit is the Social Marketplace that simplifies buying, selling, and sharing your stuff online. ... More

Editor's review

Published 30 Dec 2011

What better time to review an app that promises to turn clutter into cash than just after the majority of us will have had our clutter collection greatly enhanced! Christmas brings some great joy in the shape of presents but it also brings some comical jaw dropping moments when the wrapping paper hits the floor and you’re left with one thought;  "just what were they thinking of?" Zuujit is a social marketplace where you can list any items you want to sell, ship them and get paid for them. And staying with the subject of the season of goodwill it can also be used to help charities and non-profits raise some much needed funds for worthy causes.

Setting up a listing is easy and free and up to 50 photographs can be included with no image hosting fees levied. The item would have to be a seriously complex piece of kit to justify that many but then again the 48 piece dinner service from Aunt Madge might require that volume to shift it.

Interested parties can view your item and if they want it they can pay for it with a credit card. The site will make its money by deducting a 2.8% processing fee. With the transaction complete Zuujit will email you a prepaid shipping label for you to print off, attach to your parcel and deliver to a local UPS drop-off station. Once the parcel is accepted the cash is paid into your account where you can withdraw it into a nominated bank account.

As I mentioned earlier charities and non-profits can benefit by having supporters sell unwanted stuff through the site with the organization getting fairly close to 100% of the proceeds.

On top of that any business can sign up and use it as an online shopping presence complete with headline banner. Simply upload your inventory and hopefully watch it disappear just as quickly.


This one looks like it covers all of the bases for anyone wanting to offload unwanted stuff. De-cluttering is good therapy apparently so if you can do it and earn money at the same time the euphoria could go on for days! 


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