Developer description

Zuvvu is a social media advertising and engagement platform where internet users discover their social media influence (Zuvvu Score), compete with other users to rise up the expertise levels in their respective fields of interest and businesses around the globe can leverage the online reach and influence of our userbase to run targeted social media advertising campaigns.

Zuvvu facilitates a do-it-yourself platform to businesses falling in categories like automobile, technology, internet, food, entertainment, gadgets, travel etc to create, manage and analyze geography and interest targeted pay per click word-of-mouth campaigns on all the major social networks.

Zuvvu evaluates each and every activity of its users(publishers) and assign them a dynamic Zuvvu Score which describes user's reach, amplification, activity levels and fields of expertise and interest. Zuvvu users earn rewards (or cash) per click or task depending upon which ad campaign they pick up and spread among their friends and fans.

To keep its users engaged and to measure their level of amplification, Zuvvu has a content layer which comprises of user generated (quality) content.

What is Zuvvu Score?
Zuvvu Score is a numeric value on a scale of 100 that measures any individual’s social media reach, quality of social media reach, social media activity and willingness to help brands with word of mouth publicity. Everyone should discover his / her Zuvvu score (simple facebook login) because brands use this score to offer your gifts or rewards in return of good word of mouth publicity from you.

Zuvvu is also building a Social Media Page Rank algorithm, something like Google Page Rank for Social 2.0. Social Media Page Rank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the social web i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Stumbleupon. Exactly like Google Page Rank for General web. Similar to Google Page Rank, Social Media Rank is also calculated on the scale of 0-10.

The algorithm for social media rank uses around 46 parameters (as of now).

Zuvvu has something for everyone and its worth giving a try. Atleast generate your Zuvvu score, because who knows some brand likes your profile and score and gifts you something.

Last updated 13 Jan 2012