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A survival app for when Bear Grills isnt around to rescue you

How many times do you read that some poor person has gone missing while walking in thick forest in some remote part of the country? You'd think that it wouldn't be much of a problem these days given the fact that most of us have a mobile phone strapped to our hands for much of the time but it does seem to happen on a regular basis. Lost? Simple! We can just check our GPS, call the authorities or call Bear Grills to come and rescue us pretty damned smart. The thing is, not only do mobiles run out of power pretty quickly but there are also plenty of places out there that have little or no ...  More

Roebuck Mar 5th 2021

Throw away that Filofax and save all your digital links in one safe and convenient place

Back in the day and before we had computers and smartphones in our repertoire, many of us would keep a Filofax by our side at all times. It would be an essential purchase around Christmas time each year for keeping our notes, phone numbers, addresses and important information in for future reference. It had neat little compartments where we could write down and store everything that we might need quick access to later on. Then computers and mobile devices hit the market with their emails and digital memories and the Filofax became a thing of the past. However, while our devices made life ...  More

Bublup Feb 19th 2021

The multi award winning co-parenting app to ensure your children thrive in separation

In the UK it's reckoned that over 40% of marriages end in divorce. Mind you, if you think that's a worrying figure, it rises to about 50% in the US. Add to that the number of couples who aren't even married and you can see that there's a big problem out there...and I haven't even brought up the number of people who have simply separated. So, what happens to the kids of divorced or separated couples? I've lost count of the number of stories I've read about kids who go downhill when parents decide to go their separate ways. Some parents go to therapy while others simply try to do their best. ...  More

amicable coparenting Feb 11th 2021

Put a little pep into your messaging with combined talk, text and video

The pandemic has changed our lives so much over the last year or so. In a lot of cases, it's tied us to our homes and even isolated many of us, to a certain extent. As a consequence, we've turned more and more to social media to communicate with each other. WhatsApp, Tik Tok and Instagram have all had a good workout but people are now turning to other more interesting ways to get their message across and, for younger users at least, that passageway isn't Facebook Messenger. The kids, it seems, want something a bit more interesting than simple messaging.   More

Zapshot Feb 6th 2021

A sustainable marketplace for buying everything you need for weddings and special events

If there's two words that you don't often see written in the same sentence it's weddings and sustainability. Weddings are usually lavish affairs with no expense spared whilst sustainability is all about reusing, recycling and protecting the world that we live in. Hopefully, a wedding is a one-off event and we all want everything to be perfect because it will be remembered for the rest of our lives. However, there's no reason why the two can't overlap. With more and more of us trying to live our lives more efficiently by recycling the things that we don't use anymore there's an opportunity ...  More

Sellebrate Feb 4th 2021

Keep your email safe from advertisers and hackers with this email alias generator

Over the years we, as humans, have found numerous ways of avoiding being subjected to personal advertising. Back in the good old days of 'snail-mail' we even went to the trouble of putting little 'no junk mail' stickers on our letter boxes to help prevent our mail being inundated with advertising material. So, advertisers got smarter and started targeting our email delivery. You'd open up your email every morning and have to wade through copious amounts of spam until we learned how to filter it straight into our junk folders.   More

Polycred Jan 21st 2021

Forget Tik Tok. Here is the new performance app to make you the next big thing

There's little doubt that Tik Tok has made a seriously big splash since it appeared a couple of years ago. However, the revelations that the Chinese were about to steal our identities caused it to be frowned on by some. It got to the point where Governments were talking about banning it from our devices unless it was bought by non-Chinese sources. So, it was inevitable, I guess, that someone would come up with an alternative pretty soon. LypStar is one of the first to raise its head and become a potential contender.   More

LypStar Dec 15th 2020

State of the art expense management like no other

If there's one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic will do for business when all this is over, it will be to make it leaner and more efficient. So, the last thing that both the financial team and your employees want is to have more paperwork to slow them down. Expense management has long been a slow-moving process for many companies and often involves the lengthy process of manually handing over paper records before waiting for resolution from the finance team. For many companies it's a slow game of paper chase. Expense management apps have gone some way to speeding up this process over the ...  More

Fyle Dec 15th 2020

The ultimate and essential Netflix companion app

There's little doubt that streaming services have been some of the only success stories during the pandemic given that so many people have been stranded in home isolation on and off for the last few months. Because of its vast catalogue and ease of use, Netflix has probably cemented its place as the leader in the field. However, considering that It is pretty much the gold standard of tv and movie streaming services I'm surprised that there's a necessity for an app like this one...but clearly, there is. WhatsOnFlix? Is a new US Netflix companion app for Android and iOS that serves the ...  More

WhatsOnFlix Nov 30th 2020

Just 2 minutes of tips per day can turn you into a leadership king

I think it was former General Electric CEO Jack Welch who once said: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” and never a truer word was said when it comes to business. The fact is, companies spend close to $400 million dollars each year on training via seminars and one on one sessions. The trouble with that is, much of it is aimed at the wrong audience and its often the 'elder statesmen' who go to those things. Business is changing these days and leaders are getting younger. Let's not forget ...  More

BUNCH AI leadership coach Nov 27th 2020

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