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The perfect workout routine for golfers of all ages and all levels

There’s a golf course out the back of my house and, inevitably, I spend a fair bit of time watching people play. Some players are pretty fit with golf skills to match but the vast majority of players that I see are just regular ‘once-a-week’ players who may be a little unfit and have a dreadful swing. As a consequence, it’s always a good idea to keep one’s eyes peeled for the odd hook or slice that could well see a stray ball heading in your direction. Watch them after they’ve played a shot and you’ll see the way they feel for the odd ache and pain ...  More

CardioGolf Aug 25th 2022

Bridge the gap between your local community and law enforcement anonymously and get paid for it

Over the last few years in the US, much has been made of the phrase 'Defund The Police." While many deliberately construed the phrase as an attempt to reduce the size and funding of the police force, the actual concept was to restructure it into a number of different areas with much of the emphasis on community policing as well as crime per se. Part of this would involve members of the community having a far bigger involvement in what goes on around them. This can mean everything from lost pets to major crime. However, as it stands at the moment, many are reluctant to get involved in ...  More

Eyetem May 21st 2022

All the excitement and speed of real muscle car racing with a free 3 day trial

When you read stories about modern race car drivers like Lewis Hamilton you'll see that they all grew up playing car racing games like Gran Turismo and Need For Speed. I can't attest that it improved their driving skills but it did give them a taste for speed. Now there's a new kid on the block that fulfils all expectations and its name is Racing Old School Muscle Style III. This racing game app for iOS brings the speed and the excitement of muscle car racing back to life in high resolution 3D.   More

Racing OSM Style 3 May 12th 2022

Sniff out and monitor Bluetooth devices that come into contact with your iOS mobile in your area

Back in the Wild West days, the biggest law enforcement agency in the world was a company called the Pinkerton National Detective Agency. They were a private security guard and detective agency and, when things like money or gold went missing, Pinkerton's team of detectives were the people to call to get them back. They were very successful. These days, there's a new sheriff in town but they aren't looking for gold or cash. Snifferton is a new Bluetooth tracking app for iOS that is able to detect up to 5,000 devices at the same time.  More

Snifferton Feb 19th 2022

A fun and entertaining game that will test your memory, your strategies and your speed of thought

It's been a while now since a mobile phone game really took off and went viral. There's been a number of contenders over the last few years but nothing has come close in most people's eyes to the phenomenas that were Angry Birds and Candy Crush. I wonder if Colour Countdown could be the game that you'll see everyone playing on their smartphones on their commute to work for the next year or so. A lot of people play challenging games on the way to work in the mornings to sharpen their brain for the day's activities. This one certainly makes the mind kick into gear as you'll need good logic ...  More

Colour Countdown Feb 16th 2022

Add a beautifully designed series of app-populated desktops for each of your projects and teams

Are you able to focus on growing your business or does keeping track of information spread across apps and devices steal your time? Work desktop and browser tabs looking a bit cluttered? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a well-organized online desktop for each department, team or project? Everything in one place, everyone on the same page, and so on? Well, now you can. offers easy-to-use customizable digital workspaces that can be populated with your tools and online content that relates to a specific project or a team. Even better - you’ll also be able to keep ...  More Feb 15th 2022

The simple, cost effective way to send bulk SMS marketing material to mobiles all over the world

Let's face it, online advertising has never been quite as important as it is now. More people are buying their stuff from the comfort of their home and their smartphones than ever before. Our reliance on those phones for our daily information has never been as strong as it is now. We always have them close at hand and generally respond to them in a matter of seconds. Yet, when we think of online marketing, our first thoughts often go to email. The problem there is that the blockage rate on 'spam' email is enormous and many recipients have 'taught' themselves to ignore most advertising ...  More

SMS-iT Feb 11th 2022

An all-in-one set of communication and collaboration tools to get better organized at work

As we move into a new year we traditionally pull out all those resolutions that we wish to adhere to. For the individual, it tends to run along the lines of losing weight or stopping smoking or giving up drinking...well, maybe not the latter. For business, however, there should only be one resolution - to get better organized. In the past there have been a number of reasons why we've continued to go about our business the way we've always done. For starters, a good project management app can be quite expensive to the small business that often relies on a bunch of cheap or free apps to do ...  More

Wisepath Jan 24th 2022

Play blackjack and poker, spin the slots, win prizes and have lots of fun

So, how are your blackjack and poker skills coming along? Are you ready for that trip to Vegas yet? Well, if they're not quite up to scratch, here's a good way to improve them from the comfort of your own home...or on your commute to work...or, in fact, anytime you have a few moments. What's more, you can win some great gift card prizes while you're doing it. Reel Stakes Casino is a new free casino game for iOS and Android that is a mixture of card games and slot-machines and it helps you to hone your card skills whilst having plenty of fun along the way.   More

Reel Stakes Casino: Win Prizes Jan 20th 2022

Improve your employment prospects with this excellent free job interview preparation app

The last couple of years have been devastating for employers and employees the world over. Lots of businesses have closed their doors, jobs have disappeared and many people have had to rely on government handouts to survive. However, disasters like this don't have to be all doom and gloom. They can also be a time of new beginnings. A time for people to grab the opportunity to change their life, go for that job they've always wanted and move up the corporate ladder, so to speak. It helps, of course, if you have the right tools at your disposal to impress a future employer and that all ...  More

Huru Jan 13th 2022

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