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Love your car?

For most people, the most expensive asset they own after their home is probably their car. If you add the cost of running it over a number of years to the original purchase price then I think you’ll see where I’m coming from. This site looks like it has a lot of features to help you make sure that you spend your money wisely when it comes to servicing and repairs and even goes a long way towards giving you some self-help tips. If you’ve lived this long in ignorance of the workings of the internal combustion engine then you can certainly catch up here in the ...  More

RepairPal Dec 16th 2011

A one-stop shop for cash collection

There are quite a lot of sites out there that help you collect money for specific purposes such as a charitable cause or an event and a lot of them are very good. What I like about this one is that you can set up an account and start collecting cash for just about any purpose you want. The uses are endless and I for one will be suggesting it to a chum of mine who organizes an annual ski and snowboard trip for fifteen guys, most of whom become very forgetful when it comes to divvy-up time!  More

WePay Dec 16th 2011

Alarm call with a difference...

I can only see a couple of slight issues with this one, ingenious though it is and we’ll come to them a little later. Getting out of bed can be a tough call for a lot of people and it doesn’t matter what method you use, alarm clocks of all shapes and sizes can just be switched straight off when the annoying noise gets too much. This one takes the method of getting a reliable friend to pop round and throw a brick through your bedroom window to new heights. It’s nothing as destructive of course but it does bring me to my first issue and that is that you’ll ...  More Dec 15th 2011

GPS rangefinder for golfers

If you’re getting a little frustrated about your inability to gauge distances on the golf course, and before you hurl that pesky five-iron into the nearest water hazard, you might want to check this one out. The swing and pray method, although not very Tiger Woods, might be sufficient for the casual golfer who sees the occasional round as more of a nice walk often ruined. For the earnest golfers out there however, the sickening splash that confirms their choice of club was one short can often send them straight to the analyst’s chair.  More

AccelGolf Dec 15th 2011

NYC Apartment hunting can cost less

Apartment hunting is a scary business especially in NYC. It can also be an expensive business and not only in respect of the rental prices as there is often "Mr Ten Per cent" to consider and he likes his cake at both ends of the transaction. Naked Apartments can go a long way to not only help you find what you’re looking for but in a lot of cases succeed without you having to stump up the broker fees that go with it.  More

Naked Apartments Dec 15th 2011

Poking, squeezing and smelling things - groceries and eating under control

I have to say when I first happened upon this one I had one immediate thought; since when has grocery shopping been a whole family event? I’m kind of glad I looked a bit deeper into it though because it does have some great features that go beyond just sharing a shopping list with the rest of your hungry crew. Sad that I am to admit it I’m a guy who not only enjoys cooking but also enjoys cruising the aisles of grocery stores poking and squeezing and smelling things. This app will help you indulge in both of those activities and might even widen your gastronomic ...  More

Ziplist Dec 15th 2011

Sleep monitor - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well they’ve certainly got the name of this one right, it made me yawn just reading the description. I’m all for research into anything that might be of use to people’s wellbeing but this one doesn’t seem to have any real purpose apart from presenting you with a graph that will prove to your friends that you weren’t lying when you said you were having trouble sleeping! The app isn’t difficult to use, you sign in and then enter the details of your sleep experience. Having said that I’m not sure how you note the exact time you actually fell ...  More

YawnLog Dec 14th 2011

Sprout Robot

Here’s a topical one. You can’t watch a cookery programme these days without the celebrity chef banging on about the pleasure of growing your own fruit and veg. As if he actually gets down and dirty with a spade and a hoe! He’ll be too busy in make-up or signing his latest recipe book. It does however have a certain charm about it but for people of a certain age it’s something that your dad did. Add to that the likelihood that he learnt the skill from his dad and you start to get the picture; why did I never ask my dad?  More

SproutRobot Dec 14th 2011

Property rental made simple

For all of you landlords out there still coping with spreadhsheets, desk diaries and a card index system for maintenance contractors this one is for you. With most aspects of property letting covered RentMonitor does more than just keep an eye on who owes you what. Before you can start collecting rent you need to have a tenant and most importantly you need to have a tenant you can trust to pay on the dot. This site gives you the tools to create great looking ads for your properties and get them on to the likes of Craigslist and Property Signs, and when prospective tenants show up you ...  More

Rentmonitor Dec 14th 2011

Ticketing and publicity for your event

Organizing any event where attendance is on a paid-for ticket basis is always a bit of a nightmare, however, Eventzi looks to have all of the features to overcome most of those niggling problems. By signing up you can create a web page for your event and customize it with logos and images. Spreading the word is then made easy with an automatic listing on the popular search engines. You can also email the unique URL to a contact list who in turn can get the news out to their friends with one-click integration to all of the social network sites.  More

Eventzi Dec 14th 2011

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