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A soccer game that's bound to score well

Released to coincide with the European Football Championship, My Football Manager Online deals exclusively with the round ball game known as soccer in the US. This turn-based social sport game borrows a little from the success of apps like Draw Something by letting you challenge your friends or a random opponent to a team against team match up where the manager's skills are put to the test. This free app for iOS tests the tactics and coaching skills like no other football game.   Traditional football manager games tend to focus on managing a lot of the aspects that surround the team ...  More

My Football Manager Online Jun 7th 2012

Pit your musical taste against your friends

There's a new DJ in town and their name ofthemuse is a nicely named new social music and video entertainment application that adds a new dimension to the music player phenomenon. Not only is it a fun way to compete with your friends based on your listening taste but it also increases musical knowledge and exposes you to the plethora of new music available these days. Pit your musical taste against others by becoming an online DJ and have your friends and followers vote on who has chosen the best song.   ofthemuse is a new music application that lets you listen to and ...  More

ofthemuse May 8th 2012

Tower defence strategy - the way it was meant to be!

Every now and again, a game comes along that redefines a genre. Sentinel 3: Homeworld is just such a game. It is a tower defence strategy game that pits you against the usual waves of ever more formidable enemies, but it does so with such flare and panache that we felt it worth a mention here. Firstly, you have a Commander, a giant robot (Mech Warrior style) that forms the basis of your defence. This commander "levels up" as you progress through the game and attributes such as "shot strength", "health", "PSI (the effect he has on nearby turrets)" and "Strength (his hand to hand melee ...  More

Sentinel 3: Homeworld Apr 12th 2012

The simplest way to learn to write Chinese

This simple Learn to write Chinese application from the Monkey Write people is another in the series following their earlier Numbers, Blessings and Eating Out excursions. It's a free and easy to use language, education and learning tool for android that literally teaches one to write Chinese characters and turns it into a bit of a game that even kids can play and learn from.   It's said that the only way to truly master the complicated art of Chinese writing is practice, practice and more practice. However, doing that on paper could be construed as being rather dull - especially if ...  More

Monkey Write: Learn to write Chinese Mar 29th 2012

The most addictive drawing game around

Draw Something Free is a draw and word game for Android, iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch that has turned into something of a phenomenon. Developed by Zynga, it's a hilarious and totally addictive game that owes a little to the word game Pictionary. Zynga's previous games include Farmville, Cityville and Words With Friends. When you see your friends staring at their smartphone screen for ages as they concentrate on drawing before bursting into laughter you'll have a pretty good idea that they are playing Draw Something Free.   Here is, without doubt, the most popular free social drawing ...  More

Draw Something Free Mar 22nd 2012

Read a story, play a game, become a hero

If you've always wanted to be a part of an epic fantasy saga then this is going to really interest you. Askaryl's Grimoire is an interactive role playing book and game application developed by Blue Flame that enable you to be in control of the storyline's direction. This is the first part of a beautifully illustrated and epic story based in the fictional world of Hamnasya.   This is the first part of a stunningly detailed, epic fantasy saga within the interactive world of Hamnasya, the third largest continent among the nine that make up the intense world of Anarkôm. It has been ...  More

Askaryl's Grimoire Mar 16th 2012

Medieval backgammon for the new millennium

Everybody likes to play backgammon, don't they? Backgammon Masters is a new game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that gives you all the skill and fun of the backgammon we know and love but presented in a medieval style. It's said that the first form of backgammon was first played over 5000 years ago. Now somehow I don't think Neanderthal Backgammon would catch the attention of the general populace but a medieval version certainly catches the attention.   Backgammon Masters is a wonderfully executed game of backgammon in medieval style. It has very simple and easy to use interface for ...  More

Backgammon Masters Mar 15th 2012

Message in a bubble

Have you ever seen that amazing footage of thousands of sky lanterns being released in certain Asian countries for good luck? Well, igobubble is kinda like the cyber version of the sky lantern. But rather than it only sending out good vibes, igobubble is somewhere you can place a virtual bubble and fill it with a message, a photo, a video or a song and send it on it's way into cyberspace for your friends or others to find. Whether you use it as an advertising tool or just to send a love note to your partner it's easy and fun to track your bubble to see how far it travels - hey, it could ...  More

igobubble Mar 14th 2012

You are going to need more than flowers and candy to woo this girl cute! Boy Loves Girl is a fairly addictive game for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone that follows one boy's adventures as he searches for a way to discover the one thing that's impossible to find and one of life's great mysteries - how to please a woman. The idea is to prove to all around you, and all around the world, that you are the best lover on the planet   Now you can compete in a global leader board to prove to your friends and the rest of the world that you are the best lover on the planet! In this new release of the hit game there is a new shiny leader board that ranks ...  More

Boy Loves Girl (Version 1.5) Mar 13th 2012

Earn money while predicting the future

I'm not sure who this addictive little analytical and social marketplace game is aimed at but it has sure got to me. could be used to assist the betting man in working out whether to have a flutter on a certain event or it could be a great way to see what people think of a specific scenario and see if they can predict what is going to happen. Either way, I was sucked in pretty easily. CPP let's you learn the opinions of your community, ask your own questions or just seeing what people are predicting will happen in the world.   We all watch and read the news and its easy to ...  More The crowdsourcing prediction platform Feb 22nd 2012

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