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The Filelab Web App is an  audio and video design tool for Windows and is designed specifically to solve various common problems that may occur when sharing audio and video files. The tools available here make it possible to turn your video and music into something even more impressive with bells hanging from them if thats what you want. To make life very simple your finished files are launched directly into your browser for easy sharing.     FileLab Web App is designed to solve common user tasks with its video editing and adio editing tools. FileLab Video Editor is an ...  More

FileLab Web Apps Oct 13th 2011

Mobile News Radio App

There used to be a time when most people got their news from the radio. You must have seen those pictures of mum and dad with their ears cocked to the bulky old bakerlite radio with the kids playing at their feet. These days we get our news from so many different sources. Newspapers, TV and the Internet. The only trouble now is that we don't have as much time as we used to and much of the news that would be of interest to us is lost in the maelstrom. We've turned into a nation of headline readers and tend to miss the real stories.  It'd be great if we could get someone to read us all ...  More

Vocalyze Sep 26th 2011

YouTube to MP3 Converter

The best kept music secret on the net has finally been released on the rest of the world. Video2mp3 is a godsend to any serious music fan. It converts and dowloads YouTube videos to mp3 files accurately and quickly giving you access to the whole YouTube catalogue.   There are so many great live performances on YouTube that you don't see anywhere else. It's not like they've been released on cd. Video2mp3 can convert the video streams into mp3 files so that you can effectively make up fantastic live albums and play them through your computer or download them onto a disc or your mp3 ...  More

Video2mp3 Apr 28th 2009

Audio Transcription Outsourcing

The most important thing about the audio tool Scribie is it's near 100% accuracy. When you have to transcribe audio sources like interviews, webinars and podcasts the accuracy of the material is paramount. So you go down one of three routes. You either hire a super secretary experienced in transcriptions, you could do it yourself (believe me, it's not fun) or you could use audio transcription outsourcing service Scribie..  More

Scribie Jul 19th 2011


Convo is a new kind of podcast app where listeners can reply to episodes, talk to hosts, and ...  More

audio social podcasting

Feb 4th 2022


Newsly is an audible news and podcasts smartphone application that lets you listen to the most ...  More

stitcher audible casts

Dec 17th 2021


Klangchat is a voice & music chat app which merges voice messages with music and interactive ...  More

music social stickers

Aug 26th 2021


Deepdive is a social audio platform bringing the global workforce closer together, making remote ...  More

android work enterprise

Aug 16th 2021

Fairytalez Audiobook Stories

Love fairy tales? Fairytalez Audiobook Stories is a premium collection of audiobooks stories ...  More

stories android audiobooks

Apr 30th 2021


SpeechText.AI is the most accurate automated transcription service that converts interviews, ...  More

saas artificial intelligence audio

Jun 8th 2020

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