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Its online Bingo without the bells and whistles

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. In the US alone, it's reckoned that the turnover is close to 90 million dollars per week which is more than the combined attendance earnings of NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, hockey, NASCAR and thoroughbred racing events combined. What's more, more people attend a bingo hall in a year than visit a movie theatre. That's something to wrap your head around. Online bingo is somewhat different, however. For a start, in the US, it's played for pure pleasure with no money or prizes up for grabs. There are a million variations of online bingo ...  More

Bingo Play Jun 2nd 2021

A new travel app where you can handwrite, sketch and draw your surroundings as you go

If there's one positive that comes out of this pandemic it could well be the rediscovery of our own country's sheer beauty. With little or no overseas travel possible or advisable in the foreseeable future, people are turning to places closer to home for their vacations. RV and caravan sales have gone through the roof as people have taken to the roads to see the majesty of Yosemite, the architecture of Savannah and the unmitigated joy of finding much of the country that may be off the beaten track just a little bit. It's reckoned that, since March last year, almost half of America's vast ...  More

RoutespunktNotebook May 29th 2021

Remind yourself to drink the right amount of water every day with this fun plant game

Health experts suggest that we humans need around 8 glasses of water per day to survive and stay properly hydrated. That's a lot of water, you might think. The thing is, every cell, tissue, and organ in our body needs that H20 stuff for it to work properly. Of course, there's no single formula that fits everyone and the 8 glasses rule will change with our individual circumstances. Women, for example, might need a little less because of their smaller size. Other factors could cause it to change too: our overall health, how active we are, and where we live will all alter the amount of water ...  More

Plant Nanny² Water Tracker May 26th 2021

Maths flashcards to get your kids math skills up to scratch

You might have seen a review that FeedMyApp posted a few weeks ago that showed just how far countries like the US and UK had slipped behind many Asian countries when it comes to mathematics. One of the reasons stated was that Asian students tend to work harder. I'm not sure that's the only reason but there's little doubt that there's a fair bit of work still to be done if they want to catch up. Here's a new mathematics app for iOS that monitors students of all ages by sharpening up their math skills and letting them know what they need to work on to keep up.   More

MathSmart Flashcards Apr 24th 2021

Turn your readers into listeners with the most realistic text to speech app on the market

There used to be a time when, if you heard someone talking to themselves in the street or on their commute to work, you'd steer well clear of them. These days you've gotta reckon that they are talking to their mums, their friends or their work colleagues. They either have headphones on or those strange little buds coming out of their ears that look like cigarettes. I swear that aliens would have a field day if we were ever invaded. But, of course, it's all part of the software revolution that's changing the way we live. Over the course of a very short time we've moved from reading books ...  More

Blakify Apr 23rd 2021

Keep track and in contact with your remote workers during the pandemic ... and afterwards

There has been much discussion over the last year or so about the disruption that has been caused to workers since the pandemic really took hold. Some have lost their jobs completely, some have been working reduced hours and some have been asked to work from home. From the conversations that I've had with people over this time it seems that many are happy to do the latter. However, they've also told me that they tend to work more hours per day than if they were working in the office. Now that many businesses have discovered that abandoning their offices and having their team working ...  More

mySwitchboard Apr 9th 2021

Help your kids learn and understand mathematics by turning it into a series of games

In his book 'The Outliers,' author Malcolm Gladwell talks about how Asian students  seem to fare better than the rest of the world at mathematics. When you look at the OECD's PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) ratings you'll see that China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea all come in higher than the UK, Germany, Australia and the US. He offers a number of suggestions as to why this should be including the controversial idea that Asian students tend to work harder. I tend to think that, as much as anything else, we westerners look upon mathematics ...  More

Mathematical Run Apr 7th 2021

Analyze and understand your business data to grow and compete with big business

This is such an important time for businesses around the world. The last year or so has ripped the heart out of many viable establishments. Some have managed to hang in there while others have gone to the dogs. Many of the ones that have survived have done so by sheer luck but there are plenty that have worked hard at it, got their business plans in order and have managed to wrestle their way back into the market. Could they use a bit of help? You bet they could. Many of the larger companies have a whole team of business analysts helping them out. They can see what they are doing right and ...  More

Benchmark App Mar 24th 2021

Take a moment out of your day to refresh and relax with this meditation app

Even in a normal year, our day-to-day living can be so hectic that surely we could all benefit from having a little calmness and tranquility in our lives from time to time. However, given the lives that we are leading now, I would think that it would become even more essential. While the rest of the world goes mad with the stresses of life, meditative people seem to be much calmer, much more centered and seem to be able to cope with most things that the world throws at them.   More

Trasa ~ Free your mind... Mar 23rd 2021

An easier way of dealing with Git GUI that will save you time and money...and your hair

I've often wondered why so many of my software developing male friends have little or no hair. I've come to the conclusion that it's caused by years of frustration when creating code. Just when you think you've got everything sorted you make one mistake and you've lost a whole day's work. What's most frustrating is that it may not be the specific thing that you're working on that causes the problem, but it may be a consequence of the action that you choose. It's a bit like that story that Stephen King wrote in his book about going back in time to kill the guy that would end up ...  More

Vershd Mar 19th 2021