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A 3D interactive adventure to get your kids into bed at night

The introduction of the iPad changed everything in the world of children's apps. In fact, chances are, apps like Pilo probably wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the tablet platform. The iPad is very user-friendly and a great size for excellent viewability...not to mention the ability to add an interactive element. Pilo1 is a gorgeous real-time 3D interactive story book application for kids that has won numerous prestigious awards worldwide. But the best thing about Pilo1 isn't simply the beautiful 3D animations. It also carries a story that will be relevant for every parent trying to get ...  More

Pilo1 Feb 20th 2013

A shelfload of movies and tv floating in the cloud

Having worked in the movie and video industry for quite a few years I can spot a film buff at twenty paces. They are often a bit of a loner and can have weird obsessions with b-grade actors like Dolph Lundgren or Sean Young. You know the type. AirShelf is a nice and simple free tv and movies application that is kept in the cloud. It's a place where movie and tv geeks of all persuasions can list and display movies, read reviews and watch trailers and then recommend their favorites to their friends in true film buff style.   It's a funny thing about the true film fan (or music or book ...  More

AirShelf Sep 5th 2012

An interactive kids story book that will inspire and delight

I read a report the other day that suggested that Amazon now do more business in online books than they do in paper copies. We seem to have reached the tipping point for online books and the days of the bookshop looks to be going the same way as the music store. The only thing that has bucked the trend a little bit is the children book. I guess the traditional idea of reading to your kids from a real book is hard to shake but the advent of the very child friendly iPad has changed things forever. A not so Fading Light is a gorgeously illustrated interactive storybook application for iOS ...  More

A not so Fading Light Aug 23rd 2012

Anyone for iPhone cricket?

Cricket is one of the most popular games in the world and, unbeknown to many, it's played in over one hundred countries around the globe. And if you grew up with the game you probably have memories of playing made-up flip book cricket games under the desk when the teacher wasn't looking. Well Book Cricket 2012 is the modern day equivalent of flip book cricket except that it's about a thousand times more fun.   Cricket is one of the most popular sports across the globe and its popularity  continues to grow with the increasing number of fans worldwide. Many cricket fans have their ...  More

Book Cricket 2012 Aug 10th 2012

Create a social network for your big or small event

To be quite honest, Eventtus should really be described as a social network that can be built around your specific event. It doesn't really matter too much what sort of an event it is. It could be a concert or an overseas trip. Or a trade show or conference for your business. Big or small, this social event network for Android and iOS gives you the tools to share plans with your friends, socialize during the events as well as meeting new people with similar taste to your own.   Eventtus is your social guide for finding the best and most interesting events around you as well as ...  More

Eventtus Jul 25th 2012

Cool stories one chapter at a time

The concept behind this free social writing and sharing application came originally from the Japanese phenomenon known as ‘Keitai Shousetsu‘ – literature distributed through texting. But instead of texting, the writers of Movellas publish their novels, diaries and poems online and one chapter at a time. Itt gives you access to thousands of stories instantly that you can read via iOS, tablet or e-reader and then interact with the author and fellow social friends about their stories or writing in general. If you are a writer,  Movellas gives you a great place to ...  More

Movellas- Read, Write, Share Jun 6th 2012

Read a story, play a game, become a hero

If you've always wanted to be a part of an epic fantasy saga then this is going to really interest you. Askaryl's Grimoire is an interactive role playing book and game application developed by Blue Flame that enable you to be in control of the storyline's direction. This is the first part of a beautifully illustrated and epic story based in the fictional world of Hamnasya.   This is the first part of a stunningly detailed, epic fantasy saga within the interactive world of Hamnasya, the third largest continent among the nine that make up the intense world of Anarkôm. It has been ...  More

Askaryl's Grimoire Mar 16th 2012

Writers - condemn the cuttings to the cutting room floor and get organized

Hold the front page! All you writers out there who rely on research and interviews to help you create that article or even longer piece of work will know what a grind it is getting all of it together. Getting it all together is one thing. Keeping it all together and putting it in a workable order is another but this one just might make your life a whole lot easier. I know, I’ve been there. You have a file for newspaper and magazine cuttings, you copy and paste useful web content onto a Word document (or print it out and file it with the cuttings) and you have a drawer full ...  More

Shelfster Jan 15th 2012

A new suite of tools to create your own library

Well, is this the end for the duodecimal (Ed - he means 'Dewey Decimal' as pointed out by eagle-eyed Phil below) system I ask myself? Somehow, for big libraries I don't think so. But there is another system that would suit the smaller library.  Whether it is for personal use or for your business, LibSerra is a very powerful library tool that combines the strengths of the web, the mobile phone, social media and e-commerce.   Libserra is a suite of Web 3.0 applications that combine the strengths of web, mobile, social media and e-commerce. These applications have ...  More

Libserra Dec 21st 2011

Publish your own book

I remember as a kid writing long stories with a fountain pen, adding a few drawings and then binding all the sheets of paper together in brown parcel paper tied down the middle with wool. I was an author at eight years old and nobody was going to tell me any different! It’s funny but I never sold any copies but my mother still has them in a box somewhere and they come out now and again when the subject of me writing for a living comes up, bless!  More

Tikatok Dec 10th 2011

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