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Keep in touch with friends and colleagues in real time

When you think about it, Glassmap owes as much to the Starship Enterprise as it does to evolving geolocation technology. All this comprehensive GPS and communication application needs to complete it is a button that says "Beam me up Scotty" and it would fit nicely on Spock's utility belt. Glassmap goes under the title of a geolocation device but, in reality, it's way more than just that. Not only does it let you share your exact location with friends but there are also tools to share photos in real time, co-ordinate meetings, chat messaging and VoIP. In fact, pretty well everything you ...  More

Glassmap Jul 2nd 2012

Calm your fear of flying

When I flew to LA just after 9/11 so many people asked me if I was petrified at the thought of it. In truth, it was probably the safest time to fly. The fact is, it's much safer to fly than it is to drive and you've probably got a bigger chance of being struck by lightning than going down in a plane. But try telling that to the guy sitting next to you that's clutching the seat so tightly his fingers are turning white. Turbcast is an air travel application for iphone and ipad that delivers stone cold information to allay the fears of flying for even the most white knuckled of ...  More

Turbcast Jun 28th 2012

Swap knowledge and meet new friends in your own city

2Tangos is really all about trading knowledge within your local community via your social networking community. It's a place where you can collaborate with people in the know to learn that special thing or things that you've always wanted to master. And in the spirit of sharing knowledge you can reciprocate by letting others know some of the skills that you possess so that they can benefit from your wisdom in the same way that you are doing the same for others. It helps you connect with people in your local area rather than scouring local papers for expensive expert advice.   2Tangos ...  More

2Tangos May 22nd 2012

A social Q&A app with points to prove

Need an answer to a sticky question fast? You could go to places like Quora, Stack Overflow or Yahoo Answers but why not try this much more social Q&A application Junglr. Here is a place where you can ask your questions, take your place in debates and polls and learn and share information with social friends and the rest of the world. Junglr then turns your queries into a gamifying experience by awarding points to 'buy' all sorts of stuff.   Junglr is a new question and answer site built around speed and usability. From the simple act of Q&A to debates and polls, users on ...  More

Junglr Mar 5th 2012

Get the right lawyer

"Better get a lawyer, son" - that's how the song goes, isn't it? Well, it's easy enough to get a lawyer alright but not so easy to get the RIGHT lawyer for you. One with the right knowledge and expertise on the case you have for them not to mention one that suits your budget. RFPattorney is a legal marketplace application that's similar to other legal apps like the recently reviewed Quigal. By utilizing the power of the Internet and social media it provides a new of connecting practicing lawyers with potential clients making it a win-win situation for all concerned.  More

RFPattorney Jan 20th 2012

A welcome addition to any educational establishment

Don’t let the name of this one fool you. If you thought it was merely an alternative to the old school register then you need to take a closer look. It does have an updated version of that function of course but it also has a host of features that make it an all-round campus management system. Whether you run a school, college or university it will help you streamline a lot of the processes that have historically taken up valuable teaching time. What’s more it has a level of collaboration attached to it that enables students and their parents to access the functions ...  More

Attendance Online Dec 1st 2011

Tips for wannabe management consultants

Having access to the question paper before sitting an exam would obviously give you a considerable advantage but few of us have ever had that luxury. It strikes me as slightly comical therefore that a group of business school students have got together to develop a site that aims to give you the answers to questions that might arise when you’re being interviewed for a management consultant post.  More

Case Interview Database Dec 1st 2011

Own and master a collaboratively edited Questions and Answers website

I’m sorry but I really don’t get this one at all. When I first saw the title I assumed it would be a useful educational source of famous questions throughout history such as "how do you like your omelette cooked Mr Bennett?"   More

Unfortunately it isn’t and that’s about where my interest stopped. It looks like it’s not only me that’s lost interest either because it’s only attracted 173 questions across all of its categories in a year.   More

Famous Questions Oct 27th 2010

Your social information network

It was never going to take long before the world woke up to the fact that a “Facebook” like application could actually have some real uses other than announcing parties, displaying pictures of new kittens and all the other dross that gets posted hourly.  More

Using similar features but as a work based communications tool is certainly one useful way of harnessing the power of this technology and is one of a number of similar apps that looks to have got it well covered.  More

YoolinkPro Jan 7th 2009

Social Dream interpretation

Do you remember your dreams? I used to have a recurring dream a few years back where there would be large jellybeans slowly flying past my head in space in a Star Wars formation when I was anxious about something. Any budding psychoanalysts out there want to have a go at that one? I wish I could remember more because I find the whole thing fascinating.     DreamDoze is an advice and knowledge share tool that allows people to share and document their dreams and have them interpreted by people from different perspectives. The interpreters range from other dreamers to ...  More

DreamDoze Oct 16th 2011

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